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Partnership For Prescription Assistance

Conover Mobile Technology The assistive technology grants are currently targeted to the use of iPod and iPad devices to assist individuals in improving their ability to function independently in their homes, schools, workplaces and communities. Successful grantees will receive either an iPod or an iPad preloaded with all Conover Company Functional Skills System videos to assist individuals in developing freedom and independence. 800-933-1933

Assistive Technology (AT) plays a crucial role in the lives of many Kansans with disabilities, to assist with reading, writing, ambulation and other activities of daily living. The following is a list of online resources and organizations dealing with issues related to AT.

Assistive Technology for Kansans
1-800-KAN-DO-IT (1-800-526-3648)
Assistive Technology for Kansans (ATK) helps persons with disabilities find ways to live and work as independently as possible through the use of assistive devices and services. The primary mission of the project is to engage in activities that are designed to result in laws, regulations, policies, practices, or organizational structures that promote consumer-responsive programs that increase access to assistive technology devices and services.

Kansas Assistive Technology Cooperative
(866) 465-2826
(620) 341-9002 (voice/tty)

The Kansas Assistive Technology Cooperative (KATCO) was established and is directed by persons with disabilities. As a consumer run organization KATCO’s purpose is to help people with disabilities gain economic and functional independence by coordinating and providing financing for the purchase of assistive technology equipment and services.
Kansas Equipment Exchange

The Kansas Equipment Exchange (KEE) Program is designed to help more Kansans obtain affordable medical equipment. In cooperation with Medicaid and other agencies, wheelchairs, hospital beds, and other durable medical equipment (DME) that is no longer being used is returned to the program, refurbished, and made available for other Kansans to use. KEE also accepts donated equipment from individuals.

Kansas AgrAbility Program

The Kansas AgrAbility Project assists people with disabilities who are employed in agriculture. Our goal is to inform, educate, and assist farmers, farm families, and farm workers who have disabilities, so they can continue to work and thrive in their agricultural career.
Lighthouse International
(800) 829-0500

Founded in New York City in 1905, Lighthouse International is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to preserving vision and to providing critically needed vision and rehabilitation services to help people of all ages overcome the challenges of vision loss. Through clinical services, education, research, and advocacy, the Lighthouse enables people with low vision and blindness to enjoy safe, independent and productive lives.
RESNA – Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of
North America
(703) 524-6686

Our purpose is to improve the potential of people with disabilities to achieve their goals through the use of technology. We serve that purpose by promoting research, development, education, advocacy and provision of technology; and by supporting the people engaged in these activities. RESNA's membership ranges from rehabilitation professionals to consumers to students. All members are dedicated to promoting the exchange of ideas and information for the advancement of assistive technology.
Disability Resource Directory – Assistive and Adaptive Technology

This directory contains a list of links to assistive technology resources including communications, educational, rehabilitation and research institutions as well as manufacturers and vendors.


You may also apply by phone at 1-800-444-4106.


Assistive Technology for Kansans Program assists people with disabilities obtain assistive devices and remain independent in their community. Services include:- Information and referral- Assistive technology demonstrations- Assistive technology re-use program- Option to borrow assistive technologies for a limited period of time- Assistive technology training and workshops- AdvocacyCare Recipient Eligibility:Individuals with any type of disabilityCaregiver Eligibility:___Kansas(800) KAN-DO-IT(1-800-526-3648)

SKIL operates two Assistive Technology (AT) access sites in Kansas. There are a total of five sites operated in the state. The SKIL access sites provide services to Southeast and Southcentral Kansas. A regional advisory board representing the needs of local AT users and guides the team. Services available through the access sites include: · Available Systems and Devices Information We can help you choose equipment, make assessments, develop accessibility plans and make referrals to specialized clinics and service providers. · Funding Source Referrals We offer assistance with Medicaid Waivers, state and federal funding programs, flexible loan programs, charitable organizations and private foundations. · Advocacy Services for Accessing AT We can explain applicable laws and regulations regarding funding eligibility. We also sometimes attend educational, family service and work related ;planning meetings as advocates. · Training and Public Awareness Presentations We are available to make AT presentations to groups, employers, schools and other service agencies. The access sites provide one-on-one training for new equipment users and inservice training for service providers

· Local Try Before You Buy Equipment Loan Closet The SKIL access sites operate a local loan center with a variety of switch adapted toys, early learning materials and adaptive software available for trial use.

If you need assistance with an Assistive Technology question, device or service, contact either of the SKIL access sites at or call for more information at the Southeast Kansas Access Site at 620-421-6551 or South Central Region at 316-942-5444.

ATK connects people with disabilities and health conditions of all ages with the assistive technology they need to learn, work, play and participate in community life safely and independently.

Are you, or someone you know frustrated trying to use the telephone? Is it difficult to hear or understand the conversation? Do others have a hard time hearing you, or ask you to repeat yourself often? Is it challenging to dial a phone with small buttons or hard to read displays? Perhaps you don’t always hear the telephone ring or can’t get to the telephone in time before the caller hangs up.

The Kansas Telecommunications Access Program (TAP) can provide you with a telephone specifically designed to help you with any of these difficulties.

TAP provides these specialized telephones FREE to those that qualify. Kansas residents with existing telephone service and income below $55,000 per year will qualify if they also have trouble hearing, seeing, speaking, remembering, walking, or holding a telephone.

Call 800-KAN DO IT (800-526-3648) to contact your regional Assistive Technology Access Site for Kansas TAP information.

Durable Equipment Assistance
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